Especially in the field of medical technology, the constant technological progress is constantly creating innovations. Do you want a new medical device for your practice or clinic? With our flexible financing options, you always remain up-to-date - if you want, without a cost-intensive new purchase.


Your financing options at CAmed

  • purchase

    The advantage of a direct purchase is clear: you become an immediate economic owner of the device you have purchased and do not pay any rent or leasing. A possible disadvantage, however, is, of course, the one-time high use of capital.
  • leasing

    In the case of leasing, one of our leasing partners buys the system of your choice and makes it available to you against the regular payment of a certain amount as well as for a clearly defined period (eg 36, 48 or 54 months). In this way, you benefit from predictable costs, tax advantages and always modern equipment.
  • rental fee

    For maximum flexibility, we offer you various medical equipment for rent - even for short periods of time. Runtime, service and return options can be individually adapted to your needs.


Ask yourself which financing method is right for you, or do you have any further questions on this subject? We will gladly advise you without obligation and help you to choose the right model. Contact us!




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